Tuesday, 3 July 2018

more North Ronaldsay hand-dyed wool

Since my last post at the beginning of April I've been dyeing wool non stop! I'm absolutely thrilled that my hand-dyed yarn has been so well received, it's certainly keeping me busy. What started as a little side project has turned into an all-consuming activity! It's hard work (much more physical an activity than folk would expect) but very rewarding. It's a fun way to play with colour without having to worry about composition, quality of line, texture etc.

I haven't photographed all the colourways I've dyed over the last couple of months, but here's a sample of what I've been up to:


Summer at Eastside

 Winter sunset

Sky and sand, Sand O' Wright

Hoxa heather

As much as I'm loving the hand-dyes I need to create a better work balance as I haven't had a chance to draw or paint over the last few months. I started a small oil painting well over a month ago and never got back to it. Hopefully I can set aside some time this month to sketch outdoors and gather new drawing ideas... and perhaps finish that painting!

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