Monday, 23 February 2015

winter light and texture

I recently borrowed a friend's 105mm macro lens to try out and needless to say I love it. The detail this lens can capture is incredible.

I've felt like a hardcore photographer wandering around Hoxa Head with 3 lenses. I also momentarily felt like a sheep farmer one day as I inadvertently herded some sheep round the headland. My life is ever so glamorous.

Friday, 20 February 2015

summer moonlight rug

 size: 91 x 186cm

Inspired by my evening walks around Hoxa last summer. The subtle shading in the moon and gentle colour gradation in the background are really effective - this might be my favourite rug so far.

In progress, viewed from the back.

wideford walks rug

size: 70 x 156cm

Design inspired by my walks around Wideford Hill last November. I'm really pleased with the colour mixes in this rug.

Detail shot still on the rug loom