Wednesday, 29 November 2017

yesnaby contours

"Yesnaby contours"
size: 47.5cm square (69cm square inc. frame)
black india ink and chalk pastel on paper

Monday, 27 November 2017

hoxa shore

"Hoxa shore"
size: approx 60 x 80cm framed (I can't remember exactly, sorry!)
acrylic ink and chalk pastel on paper

Here's a large drawing I produced back in June. I see I completely forgot to upload it here during the summer.

Apologies for the radio silence. It has been a difficult year, for a variety of personal reasons, and although I kept day to day things running at the gallery throughout the summer, producing new artwork eventually fell by the wayside. There are only so many things one can keep on top of without completely burning out. 

Now that the gallery has closed for the winter season and I've had a small rest, I'm back in the studio working away on new things. My space has been reorganised (always necessary for a fresh start) and I already have three new pieces nearly ready to share. I also have a new (and hopefully exciting!) creative development in the pipeline which I shall share in due course.