Thursday, 26 May 2016

in progress

I'm nearly a third of the way up my tapestry. It's being woven on its side and the finished size will be approx. 2ft x 5ft. The more I do the more interesting it looks.... and the more complicated it gets!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

new drawings

I took a break from weaving this week to work on two new drawings. The biggest one, "Houton shore" was a huge brute to frame but I'm really pleased with the finished result. A sky and wave theme is emerging in the wall arrangement.

"Houton shore"
58 x 83cm (82 x 106cm framed)
chalk and ink on paper

"Looking north, Birsay"
38 x 64cm (62 x 88cm framed)
chalk on paper

Monday, 16 May 2016

wave palette and linear studies

Not so much a new direction, more like a return to my roots. I grew up doing a lot of tapestry, hardly surprising considering my mum is a weaver, but once I went to university I specialised in drawing and painting.

This year I decided to return to tapestry, after a 10 year sabbatical, as I have been struggling to resolve particular ideas and drawings through my usual approaches. These three, small pieces are like sketches for my final, larger piece which I started working on last month. This has helped me to brush up on my tapestry skills and sample colours. I'll post an update of the new piece in progress later in the week - it's starting to look exciting.

top: "linear study II", size approx. 10 x 23cm *sold*
bottom left: "linear study I", size approx. 10cm square *sold*
bottom right: "wave palette", size approx. 10cm square *sold*