Friday, 30 March 2018

spring day, Inganess

spring day, Inganess
size: 32.5 x 62.5 cm (53 x 83 cm inc. frame)
oil monotype and chalk on paper

I've been meaning to create work from Inganess beach (just outside Kirkwall) for a few years, yet every time I visited I left uninspired. Sometimes when I visit a place I instantly find something which excites me and other times, such as with Inganess, it takes more patience. I'll visit repeatedly through different seasons, building up a feeling for the place and its character, until I have that lightning bolt moment.

In this instance, the light grabbed me as it felt like a turning over of seasons. It was a bright, clear day and still very cool (reminding me that we're not finished with Winter) but the colours felt warmer, vibrant and more Spring-like.

I hope my two recent Inganess pieces were worth the wait!

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